Welcome to Never Blue.

Never Blue is family restaurant owned by Pam Cosner (my mother), Edson Roque (my husband), and myself. We are a tapas style restaurant. This means that we are inspired by the concept of small plates so we offer a variety of cuisines from around the world in a smaller size so your experience can span the globe if you so choose. We also offer many of our dishes in entree size portions to accommodate hearty appetites and patrons wishing to experience a course style dinner. My husband and I are co-Executive Chefs and our cuisine is a meld of our cultural backgrounds. My cooking style is classic southern with a twist of new world. Chef Edson’s cooking style is classic Mexican. Together we have created what we like to refer to as Low-Mex cuisine. We do enjoy other cuisines such as Asian, Indian, Lebanese, Chilean and several others so we have incorporated many of these flavors into our cuisine as well. We own a small farm of happy chickens that produce all the eggs that we use in the restaurant. We use local, sustainable, organic produce whenever possible, and antibiotic free, pasture raised, grass-fed meats whenever possible as well.

Never blue opened in February of 2008. Pam Cosner is an accomplished artist of over 40 years in oil, acrylic, pastel, clay sculpture, stained glass, and her new passion is metal smithing. You can enjoy Pam’s artwork on every wall and window in Never Blue.

We pride ourselves on great food, unique cocktails, amazing desserts, and providing you with the best dining experience possible. Thank you for your interest in Never Blue and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Chef Jesse Roque